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  1. Jack Post Author

    I’m finding that it’s going to be hard not to tag all of MM’s posts. I’m gonna struggle mightily, but it’s gonna be hard. Like Dan Carlin, she’s just so right all the time! I wish I was that good… Oh well. I gotta find the link to the interview where she “shushed” some disingenuous red-herring packing lib who, like so many, couldn’t just answer the question — but could interrupt, attack, and take the interview down any road that didn’t lead to a concrete answer. Oops..can’t post links in comments…look for my next post 🙂

  2. Jack Post Author

    Update on the Chick-fil-A (manufactured) controversy: Apparently, Philadelphia and San Francisco have also weighed in on the “Bully Chick-fil-A” movement. Tolerance. Tolerance. Reminds me of Henry Ford:

    “You can believe anything you want, as long as I don’t find your beliefs offensive.”

    (For those of you who never heard the famous Henry Ford misquote, “You can have any color, as long as it is black.”)

    And when did Phila become “The City of Brotherly and Sisterly Affection”?!?!? Granted, I don’t live there, but that one took me by surprise…or is that an official motto? Or another example of trying to vilify historical references in order to please everyone? Who knows?

  3. Jason Yankee

    Resentment and hate on the left and right has become quite viscous in the last decade. Usually the preachy and self righteous attitude from either the left or right turns off many.

    Note, Iv’e met annoying Christians, but also annoying atheists.

  4. Jason Yankee

    Henry Ford was a great businessman and paid employees a fair wage unheard of for his time. Nonetheless, his writings heavily influenced actions leading up to the Holocaust.

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