New Couch!

So, the new couch is due in today. Yay! I liked the old one, right up until the frame somehow got bent, and the right-side recliner doesn’t work anymore. I fiddled with it for a while, but the thing just sticks out there, being a pain in the butt

I went to Grand Home Furnishings [or whatever they call themselves…it ought to be ‘Ramsey Furnishings,’ I’ve bought so much stuff there] and ordered a new, custom couch. It’s really neat! I can’t wait for it to be parked in my living room. The recliners are electric — you push a button, and your feet go up! How cool is that? It’ll take me 3-4 months to pay off, but whatever…

In other news, the semester has started…with a snow storm. Nevertheless, I’ve had a couple of lectures that went really well. I’ve now been here long enough that my senior class, Intro to System Administration, is mostly composed of students who I already know, which is nice. I’m looking forward to this semester. Last semester was so hard….OMG! A lot going on. I’ve got the Intermediate Web class off the ground, barely, but the students seemed to enjoy it. One thing I want to cover in that class this semester that I didn’t last is content management systems. WordPress, specifically, which is the CMS you’re looking at right now. Die-hard comp-sci students sneer, but I’ve been using it for years and love it

In other, other news, I finally got my suppressor! I was so excited, I bought another gun for it… so now I have an IN-SANE number of .22s, but, what the heck? YOLO. It took six months to get it cleared through ATF, but, ok. I can understand the concern associated with specialized shooting accoutrements like that. Maybe, someday, I’ll get one for a 9mm or a .45. I dunno….it would necessitate buying another gun (I don’t feel like having one of the ones I already own milled for a suppressor). But, as you may guess, I’m not adverse to that notion

I’m looking forward to shooting it. Actually, I’ve fired the Ruger already; and was reminded of the necessity of cleaning a new gun before shooting it. It was, like, 8 inches low at 25 feet! I went to the range with a buddy once, who had won an AR-10 at a cop conference. Really?!?!? The most I ever got out of a cop conference was a T-shirt or a coffee mug! Geez….I guess I was going to the wrong ones. But, anyways, while he was shooting it, he was all over the target. Grouping for s**t…then [palm strike to forehead] he said, “OMG! I didn’t clean it first!” So. There we were…

Oh well, I’ll get that worked out. I bought a Smith & Wesson (not pictured) also, so it ought to be a lot of fun, once the weather warms up. I’m still excited, though. One might ask, “Why in the world would you NEED a suppressor?” Good question. I don’t “NEED” one, but I’ve grown old enough that sometimes I like to just buy stuff that I WANT. End of argument

I actually had a student ask me the other day if I’d like to go shooting with him, sometime. I don’t object — but don’t have a clue when I’ll have the time to go. Even though this semester shouldn’t be as bad as last, I’m gonna be pressed for time, no matter what

On a final note: I’ve got a s**t-ton of reading I need to do for my class this semester, hence the long-winded, belated post. There’s a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink need cleaning, too. I wonder which one will get done first? Ah well…One of my mantras has always been: “Move up. Or move on…” I’m still not sure which of those options I’m gonna choose

In the future, I hope to contribute to this totally self-centered activity…blogging…more. I do enjoy it; just don’t do it much. It’s been a wild ride since the divorce, but this has always felt therapeutic to me. I know not much of anyone bothers themselves to read my pithy notions, but that’s not really the point. Some folks keep personal diaries. This is far less personal…but at least it keeps me honest

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