I thought this was neat

So, I’m still working on creating an ‘Advanced System Administration’ class, and have been casting about for topics to include. I think building around the philosophy of DevOps might prove to be the answer. I did a search for DevOps tools, thinking ‘labs,’ and found this. More stuff than I ever thought existed…

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’d like to pick a few of the above tools and build labs around them, preferably using AWS, but not necessarily so. I’ve talked with some former students who are sysadmins working with some of these tools, and they’ve agreed to help.

I also may have an in working with Eastman as a ‘faculty intern,’ to actually gain work experience that I can bring back to the classroom, which would be totally cool!

So…. ‘Ops on, Wayne!’ ‘Ops on, Garth!’

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