Fall Break

…and the journey goes on…

We’re heading in to Fall Break (which always messes me up). But maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a chance to get caught up a little. But I’m leaning toward doing nothing at all today.

Kind of a strange week. I had midterms for two classes, but wound up putting off the third ’till next week. The College of Business and Technology was hosting a Career Networking event for students that coincided with our class time. I had mixed feelings about dismissing class, but in the end felt like that represented an important opportunity for the students.

I’ve spent some time wanting to get more familiar with GitHub, apropos of nothing whatever. Our Linux SIG has been discussing the possibility of creating our own Linux distro. My first thought when the issue came up was that we’d need to use a code repository so we could share our work. We quickly discovered that there are file size limits on GitHub — and .iso-s can be rather large. So, yesterday, I took a look at DigitalOcean and found that they have a one-click install of GitLab. Creating my own code repository thus turned out to be a snap.

On that vein, I’ve been looking at Linux from Scratch, a walk through of the steps associated with building a custom distro. Now, I’m not so sure we’ll need a repository. Evidently, you have to have Linux installed, inside of which, you can build the new distro. I’m not sure that the repo will be necessary. Still, it’s pretty neat that you can create your own.

One limitation of DigitalOcean is storage. For $15 a month, I’ve got 60GB. A more realistic solution may be Amazon Web Services, where I can link an instance (server) to a data store and just pay for what I use. Something to look into…

Anyways, life goes on. Still adjusting, again, to the single life. It’s a shame. I loved her a lot, but sometimes things just don’t work out. I still wish her the best. The house seems awful empty these days, but I’m getting used to it.

John’s doing better. Living five minutes away from me, now. He’s working on completing his high school degree and looking toward college. He’ll be 20 Sunday. So hard to believe how time passes. You hear about it all your life, but then it hits you personally. I never really appreciated it. Twenty. Geez.

Oh well. Time to do a little rambling…

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