Ahhhh…another day in paradise. I spend the entire day updating two labs for my class tomorrow. Sass – exciting stuff. No, really, it’s a great technology for creating and maintaining CSS for your websites.


I was going to do a really profound post today about current events and a little bit about my take on them. But at the moment, I’m not much in the mood to. So that’s it for today

Peace out!

SSL at Last!

Well, it took a while, but I finally got the SSL certificate installed. The site is now officially secured! (that’s been nagging at me for a while). It’s great that LetsEncrypt is free, but troubleshooting certbot is a pain. Wasn’t even the same problems as when I installed certs on https://csci1210.com and https://csci1720.net Sign. But I perservered, and finally got it working

Well, allright!

So I got the server OS updated to Ubuntu 20.04. Couple of stumbling blocks: 20.04 is so new that sudo do-release-upgrade didn’t catch the new version. A little research, and sudo do-release-upgrade -d fixed that Mysql then didn’t want to work. During the upgrade, I just kept old config files whenever prompted. Apparently, a couple of deprecated variables carried over — query-cache-limit and query-cache-size.’ Once … Continue reading Well, allright! »


A friend asked me for some help with his WordPress site yesterday, which kind of rekindled my interest in this one. I’ve made some changes ‘under-the-hood,’ which shouldn’t be obvious to you, the visitor. There are a few more I want to do, but its been a long day. We’re now running on Ubuntu 18.04 and PHP 7.2. Tomorrow, maybe, I’m going to upgrade the … Continue reading Changes »

Had to share…

June 2020 I’m confused… With the world going increasingly nuts, I’ve been just hunkering down. But I did get a little playful this evening, using a meme maker application I wrote a while back. If you’re not ‘woke’ (And I guess I’m not. But it’s hard to pin down exactly what ‘woke’ means. Best I can figure, not being ‘woke’ means you don’t understand and/or … Continue reading Had to share… »