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Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou?

Well, something interesting happened today. No, let me back up…yesterday afternoon, we lost connection to the Internet for about five hours. I power-cycled my modem and router, and we got it back. But trying to browse to several sites resulted in a ‘…could not resolve DNS’ error. It was like that here for most of the day, even after another power-cycling. In the midst of … Continue reading Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou? »


So I’m supposed to candy-ass my opinion of China….why?? This is a [very partial] list of some of the hack attempts on my {newly created} website. It’s literally been in place for three weeks. And the PLA somehow thinks it’d be worth hacking….  Yeah, right. It’s a wild, wild west out there….especially in the far, far east.

New Discoveries

So I’ve been enjoying several new discoveries lately. It all started when I got tired of the music I’d been listening to and learned again that my favorite podcaster,  Dan Carlin, hasn’t posted anything new. So I decided to look for podcasts related to Linux. Believe it or not, I found several. So far, the best among them has been the Linux Action Show by … Continue reading New Discoveries »


I finally got Webmin working on my home server! It’s not like I’ve spent hours on it, oh no! I have. The big deal is that I overcame all the obstacles that Ubuntu Server 14.04 threw up in my face to get it done. Yay me! Webmin makes managing a server a whole lot easier by providing a web-based interface to help enable you to … Continue reading Webmin »

Good Advice

A friend of mine posted this “good advice from a farmer” on FB. For once, I had to share. In particular, I’ve been saying the one about wallowing with pigs for decades… Enjoy! Advice from An Old Farmer Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. A bumble … Continue reading Good Advice »

Yay Me!

Once again, I’ve gone a long time without posting. I’ve been busy, though. Working hard to obtain certifications in computer science that I can use to make myself more marketable. Self-educating. And such. This week, I successfully passed the CompTIA Network+ certification exam: Yay me! Next up is the CompTIA Security+ certification, which I should be ready to knock out within a month, having benefited … Continue reading Yay Me! »


OK, so if you’re interested in the kinds of blog posts I would like to be producing, check out Jen’s People I Want To Punch In The Throat.  I first landed on her blog sometime around the post she wrote that made it go viral.  Which was interesting, because at the same time, I was noticing some of my Facebook friends as they posted pictures … Continue reading PIWTPITT »