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Massage I happened across this post a little while ago. If you’re not familiar with PIWTPITT…Jen is hilarious! Here’s my response: Sooooo….late to the game, here, but I stumbled across this post and laughed my ass off…I got a mall massage, once. You know, some folks take over a defunct Hallmarks, hang up a couple of curtains, and go to work. The price was right, … Continue reading Massage »


As you may have guessed, things got pretty hectic toward the end of the semester. I’ve been wanting to post, but just haven’t had the time. All-in-all, the students did pretty well this spring. And I made an ‘A’ in my class (Human Computer Interaction). But it got pretty busy there, for a while. The Minecraft server ( is still up and running,  but it … Continue reading Updates »

Minecraft and other errata

So my interest in WoW has fallen off, of late. I’ve just gotten tired of grinding; doing the same thing over and over. One of our self-assigned projects with the Linux SIG this semester was walking through the installation of a Minecraft server. I’ve discovered that the game is very engaging and have wasted faaaaaar to much time on it. I spooled up a DigitalOcean … Continue reading Minecraft and other errata »

Goin’ to see Star Wars!

I remember when I was eleven years old, a friend of the family and neighbor in married student housing in Clemson took me to see Star Wars. I left in awe. Awe of the story, the effects, the sheer wonder of it all…and especially the music! Who would have thought then how much of an impact the franchise would have on not only the movie … Continue reading Goin’ to see Star Wars! »