samsungEVO500Ohboyohboyohboy! Can’t wait! Should be here tomorrow. I hope. I originally ordered my new Dell without a solid state drive because, well, I didn’t see a whole lot of performance improvement when I installed one in the old Asus. And it was small and had to be constantly monitored for junk files. Segregating data files from application files wasn’t too challenging, but occasionally, I’d accidentally write to the wrong drive and wind up filling it up.

However, with the new machine, there’s much more promise. As I mentioned before, Dell did hit a home run with this one for ‘upgrade-ability.’ So installing the thing shouldn’t pose too much difficulty. Migrating the OS isn’t a problem. I’ve got software to do that, if the Samsung drive doesn’t ship with any. And, at 500 GB capacity, I don’t think I’ll feel the choking sensation inflicted by a too-small OS drive.

The technology behind this drive is interesting. And it’s gotten quite a lot of good reviews. I debated about doing the PRO version (roughly twice as expensive. But, hey! It has ‘PRO’ in its name), but was dissuaded by one of the FAQs, in which I learned that, as a home PC consumer, I wouldn’t benefit any from it. Much as I’d love to have a SSD RAID configuration for my little desktop powerhouse, I think that’s a little bit going over the deep end. With an I7 processor, 32 GB of RAM, a Radeon R9 270 card, and this new drive, my graphics and video processing ortta be a snap! And, now that I’ve got the VPN set up, remoting in to my home machine from the office makes all that horsepower available most any time.

Cool beans!

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