I Can’t Believe…


I can’t believe it…I have spent the entire day coding. Adding some interesting functionality to my web design class’s web site. I now have it ready to require user logins and welcome users to the site. I’ve been wrestling with PHP all day…fun! fun! Well, really, it has been fun. I set out this morning to do a little Android programming, but never got around to it. I’m not entirely sure that the whole user login thing is a great idea for this web site, but I’m going to give it a whirl, just for kicks. I want to expose my students to as much web functionality as I possibly can – as much as I know, anyway. It’s still sandboxed…I have to set up the database on the live website and migrate the files over thereafter. And that’s not going to happen at this late hour. *shew* Gave up a whole night of WoW for this, though I did spend a few very nice hours with Laura.   🙂


Anyway, I think that the new medium for my website design class is evolving nicely. One thing I’m considering trying to develop is quizzing on the website instead of D2L. I may have to crank that architecture up from scratch, as I want to be able to store their scores for retrieval and grading. I’ve got some ideas, but, again, it’s late. And I have to be up early tomorrow. Anyway, since this web site is once again active, I want to try to stoke it with as much (perhaps boring) content as I can.  🙂

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