So, I just got done working through tonight’s CSCI 1720 lab. I’d forgotten how much work I’ve put into this. It’s a [I think] really good introduction to the Bootstrap CSS framework. Arguably, BS is the most popular framework…and rightfully so, IMO. You get so much ‘out of the box.’ From typography to responsiveness, it’s a really cool technology.

This class is ridiculously fun. Content is still really fluid…I’m still trying to figure it out. But we’re exploring some really cool technologies. Front-end web design includes three ‘core technologies:’ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We cover HTML and CSS extensively in CSCI 1710…I’m trying, with CSCI 1720 – Intermediate Web, to delve deeper into each, with a sprinkling of JavaScript, which they’ll hit a little harder in CSCI 3110 – Advanced Web.

I was out sick Monday…which I hate. But it was bad enough that I didn’t think I’d be able to make it through two hours of class. Much less, risk sickening students. But it’s made things weird this week. I pondered whether I should continue with the Bootstrap lectures or do a lab. Finally, I decided doing is teaching…and they’d rather do something than listen to more of my droning on. An on. And onnnn…ad infinitum. Anyways, we need some grade points in that class. [And, oh yeah….I need to get caught up in my grading. Yikes!]

So I decided to cash in my chips on ‘doctor school.’ While a PhD would be nice to claim, I really just didn’t feel motivated. There’re a lot of reasons, but I guess the most significant is this: I’ve already earned five college degrees…I just don’t feel as if I have anything left to prove. It isn’t a job requirement for me; and the university has provisioned new Lecturer positions to which I can aspire in the future. So I’m not tenure-track, but, de facto, if I get promoted…that’s effectively job security. I love what I’m doing, and have absolutely no desire to do research, much less write a dissertation. Heck, I write a dissertation’s worth of material every semester…

So, yeah, I’m happy being me. That ought to be good enough

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