July 2018

Well, a lot’s happened since my last post. I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but I decided to drop out of ‘doctor school.’ Many reasons, but ultimately, I decided I enjoy having a life too much. After five college degrees, I think enough is enough. And, besides, I really am not interested in conducting research and preparing/defending a dissertation. So. Since March, when I dropped, I’ve probably read 50 or 75 books – pleasure reading. Caught up on movies. Xbox. Just chillin’

Work’s good. I only have one class this summer, with eight students. So that’s been going well. I got sick a couple of weeks ago, though, and wound up having to cancel two classes. I HATE missing class. But I wound up in the VA Hospital for a few days, getting things sorted out. I was surprised at the quality of the care there. Everyone was real nice. And I’m back on my feet. I don’t get sick often – and this has been the only time that required hospitalization. So when I do, it’s pretty devastating.

I got a fair bit of work done on the house this spring/summer. Pressure washing – it looks great!, mulching the weed bed, too. I still haven’t gotten an invoice from the landscapers, though, which is vexing. I got ‘Mancave v2’ (upstairs) fixed up, too, with a 50″ UHD TV, Xbox One, and stereo. Plus a new $2000 couch with servo-actuated foot- and headrests (which I just got paid off). In the dead of summer, though, even with the window-AC unit, it can get a little uncomfortable, so I’ve been hanging out mostly in MCv1 (the living room) for the past month or so.

There’ve been a lot of changes on campus this summer. A LOT of renovations in progress. Looks like we’re going to lose the primo parking spaces behind Nicks Hall. Dammit. It took me 20 years to obtain the coveted ‘Faculty Parking Sticker.’ Now, I have to walk anyway. To me, it doesn’t make sense. Parking at ETSU has sucked since I started there in 1994. Now, they’re making it suck more. I still don’t understand why students who reside on campus (at Governor’s Hall, for example) get a huge nearby parking lot when most of the campus community resides off campus. When I attended Clemson University (1993-1995), if you were a student and lucky enough to have a car, you wouldn’t see it for weeks on end, because assigned student parking was so far from the dorms that it was quicker just to walk downtown, if you wanted to go bar-hopping or whatever. Oh well. I guess if they ever wise up and put me in charge, there’ll be some changes, by golly.

OTW, life moves on. Sometimes up, sometimes not so much. But that’s life. If you keep breathing, it’s gonna happen. I’ve had to say farewell to some folks I care about, which is unfortunate. But. That’s life.

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