I happened across this post a little while ago. If you’re not familiar with PIWTPITT…Jen is hilarious! Here’s my response:

Sooooo….late to the game, here, but I stumbled across this post and laughed my ass off…I got a mall massage, once. You know, some folks take over a defunct Hallmarks, hang up a couple of curtains, and go to work. The price was right, more or less, and I figured, what the hell.
My daughter didn’t get off of work for an hour, the price wasn’t bad, and, well, I didn’t have anything better to do other than ponder the wrongness of getting a massage while waiting for my daughter to get off of work at GNC so I could take her home.
So, there I am, face down in my underwear with nothing but a couple of thin curtains separating me from the malling hordes and the two guys yelling at each other in Arabic (I think it was Arabic…I don’t know) while getting their respective foot massages … one. thin. curtain. away.
This nice little Asian lady comes in the the, uh, cubicle, and proceeds to wreak oriental havoc on my poor occidental back [ok, I stole that line, but it’s true]. ‘You rike, yes?’ Then, as she worked her way down to my lower back … all of a sudden … bloop! No more bloomers! Ok, so I’m not all that modest. And I wound up telling myself, “If she doesn’t mind the view, well, ok….” At that point, you really can’t fight it.
Yeah, that’ll be my last ‘Mall Massage’

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