New Year

So, with my usual quick response reflex — here I am posting  about the New Year on Jan 25. 🙂

Not much, really, to note so far. Just going through the daily grind. As per last semester, the only time I really feel alive is when I’m in class. The rest of the time, I feel like I’m marking time. I dunno…but I have to get out of this funk, somehow. I’ve got plenty to do. But I just don’t feel like doing it. [sigh]

Classes are going well. I’m a little behind where I usually am at this point, but I think it’s ok. I’ve got four sections this semester … over 100 students. I’ve been largely exiled to Gilbreath Hall — where the computer science department was housed when I was an undergraduate. Talk about circles! We’ve been in Nicks for a good while (happened after I graduated in 1997…I don’t know when). Now, we’re looking at migrating to the newly-acquired Millennium Center, across State of Franklin. We’re already teaching classes there, and, as renovations are completed, will migrate there more completely. The College of Nursing is delighted.

I went to California with a friend right before the semester started. Lots of fun! I went to
Barstow, just south of Ft. Irwin — where I did a lot of training when I was in the Army. I was thinking it’d be cool to visit the old post, but found out you have to book tours 30 days ahead of time. [sigh]. But I enjoyed the Mojave and walking around on old, familiar ground.

I also visited the USS Iowa museum, which was really cool! [A student asked me: “Why is it in California and not Iowa?” Uhhhh… “Because Iowa is a land-locked state. Where’re they going to put it?”]. Obviously, I learned a lot about the history of the ship, and battleships in general. Neat stuff!

We had dinner at the Hard Rock Hollywood, and checked out the Walk of Stars for a little while before returning home. Good trip, all-in-all.

So anyways, life goes on. Last year hosted a variety of monumental changes; some good, some….well….not so much. All-in-all, everything’s good, still. I’m optimistic (hopelessly), and hope that 2019 will be less tumultuous than 2018 was. I also hope the same proves true for you, too, regardless of how tumultuous 2018 was for you 🙂

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