Trials and tribulations

It’s been a busy semester. One snow day and one sick day; and I’ve been behind ever since. But we’re getting down to it, so that’s good. I’m teaching one class this summer. So I should have a little down time to get reoriented.

The class I’m teaching this summer, Intermediate Web, is still evolving. But I think it’s a good class. The students seem to be enjoying themselves, as am I. We explore CSS Frameworks (like Bootstrap), CSS Preprocessing (using SASS), Image Optimization, JavaScript, and jQuery. Some fun labs, and all.

I’m typing this on my sparkly new Microsoft Surface Pro 6! I crack on MS all the time, but have to admit, they got this right. I have a Dell Inspiron 17, which is heavy as hell…This guy is light enough to carry around and gives me all the mobile compute I need. If I have any heavier needs, I’ve got them. But for day-to-day use, the Surface Pro is perfect.

John stayed over Saturday and Sunday, which was nice. We watched a bunch of videos. I may be a bit of a snob, but my past experience with Saturday Night Live was from the glory days of Belushi, Akroid, et al. But we watched a bunch of contemporary clips that were really funny.

Oh well, rambling, here. But I gotta get off the dime and get in to work. Lots to do today!

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