….aaaaaaand Again

etsu logoSo tomorrow starts a new semester. One in which I’m gonna be incredibly busy. Four classes, 103 students (registered … we always see some attrition at the beginning of the semester), two different buildings. That’s right, our move to the Millennium Centre is underway. The new lecture/lab rooms are spectacular! I’ll try to get some pictures to post later. The main lab has 46 workstations, four HUGE projection screens, and flat screen, sound system, and a PTZ camera. It’s a monster. I looked at the controls the other day and thought, “Geez! I’m gonna need another degree just to work this thing!” But we had a training session, and there’re a lot of presets, so I ought to be able to navigate the thing.

I’m teaching three sections of Web Design, two of which are maxed out in enrollment, and one of System Administration. Sysadmin, as always, is evolving, but I’m working to keep up. We use the Amazon Web Services platform for our labs, which both teaches them the topic at hand while familiarizing them with the AWS environment. It’s proven to be most beneficial for students in the past.

So, onward! Let the semester begin!

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