Happy New Year


Well, once again, it’s been a while. I came across this video (again, actually) and decided to share

I took the server down for a few days. Just brought it back up. It was getting hammered with spam. I tried to firewall the culprit, both on the server and through Wordfence. But, alas! No joy. I’m hoping that taking it down for a few days might get jram.net off the bot’s radar. Doesn’t really hurt anything, but it is annoying to have to go through 100+ posts every couple of days and delete them

This has been a pretty good break, so far. I’ve been working on honing my skill with respect to JavaScript and jQuery, updating my classes’ websites, and World of Warcraft.  I’ve done a bunch of little projects and one middlin’ big one, all of which, I think, will improve the quality of my classes and what I will be teaching this spring

I made a Kanban board, which I plan to use in place of my tired old ‘to-do’ lists (my middlin’ big project). There’re still some features I’d like to implement on it. But I’ve really got to get cracking on course prep for the upcoming semester. Also smaller projects both for practice and to use as examples in class, I hope. I’d almost forgotten how much fun (and frustrating) writing code is!

Fall 2019 is officially behind us. Despite a couple of bumps in the road, it was a good semester. But I’m glad it’s over. Otherwise, things have been quiet around here

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video — I did  🙂

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