Well, last night I did it. I got my first toon all the way up to Level 120. Yay, me. Seems a bit anti-climatic in retrospect. But at 2:00 am it was a pretty heady rush, let me tell you. I’m thinking of changing specialties and going from there. Maybe pick up a profession or two — this character, I didn’t bother. Inflation is so ridiculous, at least on the Duskwood realm, that crafting/gathering is a pure waste of time. It used to be a money-maker. I dunno. But at least I don’t feel burnt out on it like I did a couple years ago

In spite of my resolution to do nothing but coursework today, I got caught up in one of my projects, One of the project teams in my essentials of web development class last semester used me as a client for a ‘meme repository.’ They did a decent job, but I got this idea – wouldn’t it be cool to create a meme generator application where users can create their own memes? Yeah, not like there aren’t thousands of those on the Internet already. But. It seemed like it might be fun, so I did. And, in so doing, I learned a lot about jQuery (which was really the goal, after all). One thing that I got hung up on, though: I created a gallery of meme backgrounds that I wanted the user to be able to select for their use. But, a couple of months ago, I just could not figure out how to import the image into the generator page. I initially used some open source code I found at as a starting point, but that code required the user to upload a file in order to change the default.

So, today, i figured it out with the help of some of what I’ve learned in the past few weeks with these projects. And I’m happy 🙂 Another ulterior motive behind these projects is that I can use them in class as examples of things we’re talking about. I’ve done a bunch in the past few weeks. Some of them are interactive demonstrations of various HTML/CSS concepts that I can use to show them what, for example, the float property does. At any rate, I’m feeling pretty good about everything at the moment.

But I do have to get cracking on my classes before the semester starts. I’ve done quite a bit, but have a lot more to go. Another of my projects — a bigger one — was creating a web-based Kanban board. I’ve got it up and working, which took several days. But now, I have graphical proof (much better than a to-do list) of just how much I have to do still. Oh well, ‘silver lining,’ ‘dark cloud,’ and all of that.

Well, back to Azeroth — I’ve done a good day’s work

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