Back from Neverland

I suppose this would have been a good time to be contributing to this thing. Two months into the CV-lockdown and I’m finally getting around to writing something here.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the quarantine. I mostly keep to myself anyway and have most everything I need here at home. I missed seeing my students in person this past semester. But otherwise, for me, it was pretty much business as usual.

Being sequestered, I’ve gotten a lot of work done. One student on my SAIs complained that ‘there seemed to be a lot more work assigned after the lockdown went into effect.’ Well, duh. About 20% of my students attended the weekly video lectures. So I worked up a bunch of assignments to try to keep them engaged in the courses. Besides, I think they learn more from doing than listening to lecture.


I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the ongoing debate over the stay-at-home orders. Again, I’m happy as a clam and hanging in there. But many folks are clammering the ‘rightness’ of it, I’m kind of flummoxed. I think the quarantine is a sensible response to the situation. I don’t think it reflects some dire government conspiracy to abrogate our fundamental rights. Politicians are always seeking to leverage situations to their and their parties’ benefit. I don’t see this situation as being any different. In the end, I guess, COVID 19 will do its thing – and the most righteous naysayers will probably lose a percentage of their ranks as a result of their beliefs. Darwin in action.

I do maintain a healthy dose of skepticism, though – both with the ‘relax-and-just-let-your-government-take-care-of-you’ crowd and their counterparts, the ‘they-are-trying-to-enslave-us!’ crowd. Both are unrealistic. Those of you who know me know I lean more to the right than the left, but I prefer to avoid dogma and form my own opinions, however ill-informed they may be.

Will life after COVID be the same? I doubt it. Will it be significantly different? I don’t know, but I doubt it. I came across this video on Facebook, in which the narrator did a pretty good job of articulating my feelings while I have been struggling with them myself:

Journalist Justin King Breaks Down Anti-Lockdown Arguments

‘If you have the right to do anything, you also have shared responsibility for everything.’ — Listen to this journalist break down what’s wrong with all those anti-lockdown argumentsvia NowThis Politics

Posted by NowThis on Monday, May 11, 2020


That’s all for now. Stay healthy y’all

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