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June 2020

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CHAZ demandsI’m confused…

With the world going increasingly nuts, I’ve been just hunkering down. But I did get a little playful this evening, using a meme maker application I wrote a while back. If you’re not ‘woke’ (And I guess I’m not. But it’s hard to pin down exactly what ‘woke’ means. Best I can figure, not being ‘woke’ means you don’t understand and/or agree with the prevailing opinions of those who are ‘woke.’), apparently there are six blocks of Seattle (the Capitol Hill community) that have been occupied by ‘protesters.’ They have declared themselves to be the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), basically that they have seceded from the rest of the United States. Interestingly, one of the first things they did was set up walls and barricades to keep others out. But what’s really funny is that now they’re demanding donations because, well, they need stuff. And they’re autonomous and all, so it’s our job to provide it to them, apparently.

I’m now a little confused about ‘secession’ and ‘autonomy.’ How exactly is that all supposed to work? If they’re ‘autonomous,’ doesn’t that mean pretty much the same as ‘self-sufficient?’  But, apparently, they are both autonomous and need stuff. No, now I’m really confused.

There’s so much bickering back and forth that I really don’t feel much like adding my voice to the babble. But these folks, and their special kind of stupid, seemed to merit some kind of recognition. I don’t know any of them, but they sound like nothing more to me than spoiled brats.

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