Well, allright!

So I got the server OS updated to Ubuntu 20.04. Couple of stumbling blocks:

  • 20.04 is so new that sudo do-release-upgrade didn’t catch the new version. A little research, and sudo do-release-upgrade -d fixed that
  • Mysql then didn’t want to work. During the upgrade, I just kept old config files whenever prompted. Apparently, a couple of deprecated variables carried over — query-cache-limit and query-cache-size.’ Once I commented those lines out of my.cnf, everything seems to be working fine, now.

So it took a while and a little troubleshooting, but it looks like the new configuration is solid

In other news, I got some work done on my class website and D2L in preparation for next week. So it’s been a pretty productive day

Still need to do a vittles run, but don’t feel like it atm

But, as you can tell, I’m happy 🙂 Not much has changed since yesterday. I’m going to try to add to this a little more regularly, though. Just for giggles. Overall, I’m happy with the updated version of the blog. I’ve got to do a backup. Then, secure it. So, look for https:// in the future instead of http://!

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