Web Site Translocation

Well, the site got a shot in the arm. Unexpectedly. Not planned. Ugh….

Turns out that the old server was five years old. Yesterday, as I was posting the last post, something went ‘sprung!’ and the server (virtually) died. I could remote in to it, but couldn’t get the database server to run. So I rolled back a couple of weeks and reinstalled everything from a snapshot. Eventually, I got everything working. But of course, didn’t trust it to keep working.

I decided that the old server needed to be retired (i.e., I needed to give DigitalOcean their hardware back) and spooled up a new one. A little beefier than the old one. And now, hopefully, we’re back in business.

Whenever something like this happens, it usually sort of renews my interest in blogging. So maybe I’ll find something to talk about in the coming weeks.

I got my final grades submitted today. So the semester is officially over. Finally. It’s been a struggle for us all and I, for one, am ready for a break.

Plans for the holiday break:

  • Learn TypeScript
  • Update my kanban board app
  • Work with Laravel
  • Work with Vue or React
  • Update course materials
  • Reeeelax

And, of course, World of Warcraft. The Shadowlands expansion is a couple of weeks old and I’m trying to gear my main up. Maybe a little travel, shooting, and generally blowing off steam.

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