Home for the Holidays

On the home front:

Hell, where else would I be? At the risk of kicking a dead horse, I’ll just say this year has sucked. On many different levels, it has sucked. Sure, it’s been a lot worse for a lot of folks, so I probably shouldn’t complain. But if you know me well, you know that bitching is one of my talents.

I really don’t mind working from home. I miss spending facetime with students. But offsetting that is the elimination of an hour’s drive every day and the convenience of working from the couch. No complaints there. But, with a second ‘virtual commencement’ under my belt, I have to say that I’d rather be on campus, doing what I do.

Sooner or later, I’m going to have to move my office (my campus office) to the Millennium Centre. I’m not sure just how that evolution is supposed to take place…I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in that office over the last six years. I keep thinking I should use this downtime to grab some of it and bring it home, even if I don’t really have anyplace here to put it. I dunno, though I guess I’m going to have to find out soon.

I guess this is just a day of random thoughts. I’ve been playing ‘Happy Hermit’ for so long, I really don’t feel like commenting on the state of current affairs, except to say that it sucks, too.

As time goes on…

I’ve been marveling, though, at all of the ‘back in my day’ thoughts I’ve been having lately. Even though I’m not that old…it really seems as if the world has shifted out from under me in some fundamental way. We now live in a world where hypocrisy is celebrated. Where the group who shouts the loudest, no matter how little sense they make, gets their way. Societally, gender-ly, politically, morally, ethically, economically — I just don’t know.

random gun picWe’re all divided up into ‘sides,’ but the definition of each side is subject to change, sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis. Now the dividing lines are more sharply demarcated than ever before, yet behind those lines, no one really has a platform. We’ve become a nation of reactions rather than deliberation. The ‘knee-jerk’ response is the order of the day. That’s scary because so many people lack a compass – moral or otherwise – on which they can rely. So momentous decisions are made on the basis of feelings, rather than than discourse and consideration.

It’s hilarious to see the two ‘sides’ berating each other, then turning around and pointing out how the other side is or has been guilty of the same transgressions they’re being accused of. Over. And. Over. Like I said, hypocrisy is being celebrated; it is the ‘rule of the day. And many of the folks who indulge in it as a matter of course seem to be blithely unaware of the fact that they are hypocrites. Or something. I don’t know.

My plan is to stay hunkered down and wait for common sense to break out someday. I’ve ‘fought the good fight.’ I’m tired of fighting. So I’ll leave it to the young bucks who seem to take so much delight in it. Just have fun, y’all, and leave me out of it. I try to look out for me and mine, do the odd good deed, and take solace in the knowledge that I’m the most sane person I know.

On a brighter note:

My toon on World of Warcraft is progressing nicely. After hours of gameplay last night with no real profit, I got in with a mythic dungeon run where I picked up three pieces of epic gear in one merun! So my little warlock is getting stronger. Hopefully, with the improved item level, I’ll be able to get into more mythics and gear up even more. Soon, I’m going to have to start playing my alts again to build them up as well. I’ve got a mage who looks promising.

I’m part of a guild, but I’m not sure about them. There seems like a lot of drama and (believe it or not) cliques…I’m sort of an ‘outsider,’ but they sometimes include me in dungeons and raids. Whenever they have a slot that they need to fill. Otherwise, I’ve been shut out several times. Which I find to be very annoying. I’ve learned a lot from them, but it might be time to part ways for greener grass. I don’t know.

To Do

I’ve got a lot of things I want to accomplish over this break, as always. I’ve started playing a bit with TypeScript. So far, I like it a lot. But I need to come up with a project that will let me experiment with what I’m learning. I added a ‘Bug Report‘ page to my class website this semester. Though it doesn’t have a whole lot of Javascript, I converted it to TS yesterday. And the compiler found a couple of errors that I hadn’t caught. The thing was working, in spite of a couple of misnamed variables, which is weird. But now visitors can submit reports (that are emailed to me) about problems with the site.

I really need to pick up a framework as well. I’ve looked at Laravel and Django, both of which I like. But I haven’t really done a deep dive yet. Angular, React, and/or Vue.js are also on my ‘to learn’ list. I’ve been telling myself for a couple of years now that doing it ‘the hard way,’ by hand, serves a purpose. But now I think I need to explore some more automated approaches. My Intermediate Web class has really evolved into something I think really benefits students in their learning of web development. At least, many of them have told me that they wished they’d taken my class before Advanced Web.

Oh wow…

So I was looking for a pic or two to add to this post. For months, I’ve been struggling with getting photographs from my phone, which has a really good camera, to my PC. Today I found an app called Phone Transfer Mobile App that really made it a breeze! I went ahead and ponied up the $5.00 for the pro version (the free version won’t download at full resolution). So now I can get all of the old photos (over 1000) that I’ve been hoarding for years off of the phone. It’s going to take a little while, since I can only download 100 at a time, but I’ve got time…

That ought to make things a little easier. I’m going to have to put together a ‘random pics’ gallery for the blog, now  🙂

So there’s your ‘tech tip’ for the day

Lindsey Stirling

So, I’m listening to various songs by Lindsey Stirling while composing the post. If you’ve never heard her play (violin), you should check her out. She’s fantastic! I really want to catch one of her shows someday, when we’re all allowed to gather together again. If you’re not familiar, she is also an accomplished dancer and mixes classical with dubstep – which may sound weird, but she really does great 🙂

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