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Actually, this isn’t a new rant.  But as I’m loading up to go to my noon class (and I really should be leaving right now.  oh well), facing the prospect of circling the university’s parking lots trying to find an empty parking space, this rant came to mind.  It is kind of like being a vulture, trolling around, waiting for another to decide it’s had its fill and fly away from the carcass.  When that happens, all the circling vultures engage in a mad dash to fill the vacancy so they can get what they need.  In the past couple of semesters, I have seen drivers following students walking through the parking lot, pacing them, just so they can claim the walker’s parking space.  I’ve done it myself.  This really sucks.

More on this later…I really gotta go…

OK, so after spending 10 hours working on my capstone project yesterday, I think I can spend a little “me time” updating my blog.  Anyway, parking.  Yeah.  So ETSU’s student body is around 50% commuters.  And yet, the undergrads who live on campus can park their cars at the doors of their dorms!  Does that make any sense?  When I was an undergrad at Clemson, folks who were fortunate enough to have cars (a much smaller slice of the pie than these days) didn’t even see their car for weeks.  It was a shorter walk to downtown Clemson than it was to get to your car.  For a school, half of whose lifeblood resides off-campus, a similar arrangement would make a lot more sense.

I don’t mind walking, though it ain’t much fun in the rain.  What I object to is circling campus for 30-45 minutes just to find a place to park!  They’re building a new parking garage, of course, whose ribbon will be cut about two years after I graduate.  Big help.  All the changes the school is planning don’t do any good for the poor slob (me) who can’t get into the friggin’ classroom.  Just sayin’

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