Laura and John

These are all quotes from about five years ago…but they’re so good!  I may update this one with some more recent ones.  They don’t stop saying cool stuff just because I stop posting it!

This place looks familiar every time we drive past it.
— John

John, reacting to a noxious odor, “Shew! Did someone crack a duck?”

Welcome to my world.
— John

Laura to John, who was breathing hard from exercising: “John, you’re hypothesizing!”

Laura at a restaurant: “I hope they hurry up with our food…I get hyper when I’m hungry.”
Dad: “How can you tell?”

John to Laura: “Are you mentally challenged?”
Laura: “Are you vertically challenged?”

John: I know where it is, I just can’t remember where to find it!

(Both): It was a accident…

Laura: “What? I wasn’t listening.”

Laura: “Just because I say something doesn’t mean that I meant exactly what I said.”

John: “I’m hungry.”

Dad: “Laura…hurry up!”
Laura: “Hode on!”

John: “A bookini is mostly a bathing suit.”

John: “I hate hic-ing up ”

John: ‘Dad, sometimes when I want to build something, I don’t know where to start.’
Dad: ‘The beginning is usually a good place.’
John: ‘Yeah, but sometimes I don’t know where the beginning is.’

Laura: “I’m hungry.”

Laura: “Listening doesn’t mean just listening…”

Laura: “Keep the quotes in your pocket!”

John: “My New Year’s revolution was to talk a lot.”

Laura: “Just ’cause they’re quotes doesn’t mean they have to be on the quotes page.”

John: “At Lowe’s, can I potty?”
John: “Potty’s a funny word…”

Laura: “That ain’t right!!”

Dad: “Laura, how many have you seen?”
Laura: “Every one I’ve looked at.”

Laura: “John, don’t talk to me until you shut up!”

Laura: “My burn is burning.”

Laura: “You’ve got enough [quotes] from me already. You’re embarrassing me.”

John: “Philosophy. Whatever that is….oh well, back to the stuff I understand.”

John: “I don’t know a thing I just said.”

Laura: “What color are the white ones?”

Dad, while we were approaching the Johnson City Medical Center: “Hey, looks like they’re starting up the helicopter.”
John: “Maybe they’re taking it for a spin.”

John, while we were circling the monument in downtown Elizabethton, began reading the plaque that’s on it: “Dedicated to Veterinarians of all Wars.”

John:  “I don’t like reading big words … so I just guessed at it.”

Laura: I could never go in the military. I’d just die…or break a nail or something…

Laura: “John, you’re weird.”
John: “I know.”

Oh! Here’s a recent one from our trip to Europe:

(After spending about an hour taking night pictures of the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament in London, AKA “Big Ben”)
Laura:  “What time is it?”

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