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Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou?

Well, something interesting happened today. No, let me back up…yesterday afternoon, we lost connection to the Internet for about five hours. I power-cycled my modem and router, and we got it back. But trying to browse to several sites resulted in a ‘…could not resolve DNS’ error. It was like that here for most of the day, even after another power-cycling. In the midst of … Continue reading Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou? »

Father’s Day

Father’s day is a kind of tough time for me, for many reasons about which I don’t care to elaborate. But Mom and I had a nice time. We drove to Asheville and ate at Brisilia Churrasco Steakhouse (again). It’s becoming a tradition for us. Her 79th birthday is Monday, so I got her check and she got mine. If you’ve never experienced a Brazilian … Continue reading Father’s Day »


I think I’m coming down with a cold. Meh. Several days, now, I’ve awoken with a sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, etc. It eases up as the day goes on (yesterday, I started on Dayquil)…but it still sucks. The semester’s winding down. Fortunately, today my class is doing presentations for their research projects, so I won’t have to talk a lot. My system administration class … Continue reading Meh. »

New Discoveries

So I’ve been enjoying several new discoveries lately. It all started when I got tired of the music I’d been listening to and learned again that my favorite podcaster,  Dan Carlin, hasn’t posted anything new. So I decided to look for podcasts related to Linux. Believe it or not, I found several. So far, the best among them has been the Linux Action Show by … Continue reading New Discoveries »

Another Day in Paradise

There’s been a lot going on here. As I recently reported, I made some major purchases last weekend, which has been very cool. I’ll post pics of the car, when I take some. With my new phone. The semester is winding down. And I’ve been spending the lion’s share of my time trying to stay on top of grading. <<Sigh>> Looks like a new Amazon … Continue reading Another Day in Paradise »

Spring Break

So it’s Spring Break this week. And I’m working. Naturally. I’ve been struggling to put together a syllabus for a special topics class in System Administration. It’s proving to be tougher than I thought it would be. But I’ll get there. I’ve also been ‘producing’ video lectures (well, one so far, but I’ve got two more scripted and ready. I discovered very quickly that trying to … Continue reading Spring Break »

What a week!

Yeah, what a week! The kids were on Fall Break, so, easy week, right? Not so much, as it turned out. I spent Monday and Tuesday catching up on grading, calculating progress grades, and planning lectures. I’m not complaining. Happy to be busy for a change. But along came Friday, when I was logged in to my bank account to transfer some money between accounts, … Continue reading What a week! »