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Couldn’t resist sharing…

I dunno why, but this cracked me up: It’s been a while since I rode. Though that’s all I did (all I had) back when I was 18. Back then, I knew upstate South Carolina like the back of my hand. Last time I was there visiting, I needed a GPS receiver to extricate myself from the country backroads. Oh well, time marches on. I … Continue reading Couldn’t resist sharing… »

….aaaaaaand Again

So tomorrow starts a new semester. One in which I’m gonna be incredibly busy. Four classes, 103 students (registered … we always see some attrition at the beginning of the semester), two different buildings. That’s right, our move to the Millennium Centre is underway. The new lecture/lab rooms are spectacular! I’ll try to get some pictures to post later. The main lab has 46 workstations, … Continue reading ….aaaaaaand Again »

Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou?

Well, something interesting happened today. No, let me back up…yesterday afternoon, we lost connection to the Internet for about five hours. I power-cycled my modem and router, and we got it back. But trying to browse to several sites resulted in a ‘…could not resolve DNS’ error. It was like that here for most of the day, even after another power-cycling. In the midst of … Continue reading Internet! Oh Internet! Whither Art Thou? »

Catching Up

Ah! Sunday. Cloudy, dreary…blessed Day of Rest! Next week is Spring Break. I totaled up my time in college as a student the other day. Fifteen years. Fifteen years in one classroom or another (not counting my time at the academy, for which I did receive college credit — ha ha). And in all that time, I have not once traveled out of town for … Continue reading Catching Up »

Another Day in Paradise

There’s been a lot going on here. As I recently reported, I made some major purchases last weekend, which has been very cool. I’ll post pics of the car, when I take some. With my new phone. The semester is winding down. And I’ve been spending the lion’s share of my time trying to stay on top of grading. <<Sigh>> Looks like a new Amazon … Continue reading Another Day in Paradise »

Spring Break

So it’s Spring Break this week. And I’m working. Naturally. I’ve been struggling to put together a syllabus for a special topics class in System Administration. It’s proving to be tougher than I thought it would be. But I’ll get there. I’ve also been ‘producing’ video lectures¬†(well, one so far, but I’ve got two more scripted and ready. I discovered very quickly that trying to … Continue reading Spring Break »