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Web Site Translocation

Well, the site got a shot in the arm. Unexpectedly. Not planned. Ugh…. Turns out that the old server was five years old. Yesterday, as I was posting the last post, something went ‘sprung!’ and the server (virtually) died. I could remote in to it, but couldn’t get the database server to run. So I rolled back a couple of weeks and reinstalled everything from … Continue reading Web Site Translocation »

Migration, Deux

Well, I spent some time yesterday tweaking the site, for those of yáll who didn’t notice.  I noticed there was a problem with it loading slowly, so I decided to move the files to root, instead of the http://www.jram.net/ folder it was in.  That prompted all kinds of problems, but I think I’ve got it all worked out.  (Hint:  RTFM!!!!) I’m now seeing, in my … Continue reading Migration, Deux »


Well, well.  Thanks to my new find, iPage.com, today I transferred this site from its previous host to iPage with relative ease.  I won’t mention the name of the former hosting service out of politeness.  But in the past couple of months, there has been an extreme amount of down time and lag.  On the occasions I started a ticket and asked them about it, … Continue reading Migration »