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Web Site Translocation

Well, the site got a shot in the arm. Unexpectedly. Not planned. Ugh…. Turns out that the old server was five years old. Yesterday, as I was posting the last post, something went ‘sprung!’ and the server (virtually) died. I could remote in to it, but couldn’t get the database server to run. So I rolled back a couple of weeks and reinstalled everything from … Continue reading Web Site Translocation »


Back from Neverland I suppose this would have been a good time to be contributing to this thing. Two months into the CV-lockdown and I’m finally getting around to writing something here. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the quarantine. I mostly keep to myself anyway and have most everything I need here at home. I missed seeing my students in person this past semester. But otherwise, for … Continue reading Lockdown »

I thought this was neat

So, I’m still working on creating an ‘Advanced System Administration’ class, and have been casting about for topics to include. I think building around the philosophy of DevOps might prove to be the answer. I did a search for DevOps tools, thinking ‘labs,’ and found this. More stuff than I ever thought existed… If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’d like … Continue reading I thought this was neat »


So, I just got done working through tonight’s CSCI 1720 lab. I’d forgotten how much work I’ve put into this. It’s a [I think] really good introduction to the Bootstrap CSS framework. Arguably, BS is the most popular framework…and rightfully so, IMO. You get so much ‘out of the box.’ From typography to responsiveness, it’s a really cool technology. This class is ridiculously fun. Content … Continue reading OK…Wow »

New Couch!

So, the new couch is due in today. Yay! I liked the old one, right up until the frame somehow got bent, and the right-side recliner doesn’t work anymore. I fiddled with it for a while, but the thing just sticks out there, being a pain in the butt I went to Grand Home Furnishings [or whatever they call themselves…it ought to be ‘Ramsey Furnishings,’ … Continue reading New Couch! »

Sailing along…

Actually, it’s been a bumpy ride the past few weeks. It’s been awful hard to get caught up. But I’m working on it. My new class is going fairly well. I noticed when we were reviewing HTML and CSS that a lot of the students looked kind of lost. This makes sense, since most of them are juniors and seniors (in a freshman level class), … Continue reading Sailing along… »

All Kinds of News

Lots of stuff’s been happening lately! I’m starting on my doctorate this fall at Nova Southeastern University. I’ll have to go to Ft. Lauderdale twice a semester (at the beginning and the end) and do the rest through distance learning. It’s going to take five years, but I think it’ll be worth it. Just something I really want to do. I’m also picking up a … Continue reading All Kinds of News »